Fan always on liquid damage

I bought a broken v1 on ebay and was able to clean up the liquid damage and fix the corroded lcd backlight cable. The fan seemed to be broken so I swapped it with a working one, but it’s on constantly when booted.

I did try another working fan and it does the same thing. I cleaned up the connector and it doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’m not sure if it’s the fan or actually running hot. FWIW, when I was testing without the heatsink, it did overheat while installing a game and I haven’t had that happen to other switches in the past.

Can anyone suggest some components to test to try and identify the issue?

Send picture of the ic next to the backlight connector. Its the temperature sensing ic in between backlight connector and CPU.

Since you have liquid damage on backlight connector area, high chance the ic there got damaged

Thanks. I’ll have to take it apart again later to take a pic. It’s all back together now and everything seems fine except the fan being on, but I played a game for 30-40 minutes and the battery was half gone. I’m not sure how much of that is from the fan and how much is from a beat up battery.

Here’s the IC. I don’t recall it being that bad from the liquid damage, but the pads to the lower left of it weren’t that great and I had trouble with it for the trinket install.

could be possible the IC suffered some damage due to the liquid thats not visible or displaying a short in any way.

Does anyone have the values for it so I can test it?

I had the same problem with a Water damaged switch, I reflowed all the components near the Fan Connector and the ICs, now it is working again :wink:

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.