Fan not spinning, and touch in RCM mode half working

hi guys, i recently opened my switch to replace the thermal paste but mainly to replace the rails.

i bought it used, it used to work but it was very dirty from the inside that I could tell from the heatsink, it had some guck.

anyway after reassembling the switch everything worked but the fan is not spinning, is it connected to some other part that has physical check or software? or did it break somehow?

i thought the fan would be the last thing to break.

also some weird side effect, when i go into rcm mode the middle of the screen wont work, only the top, in normal mode it works fine :confused:

the fan turned on after some time, it got me worried, turns out the left side of the screen doesnt work anymore, i think i damaged the ribbon, only the 10% left side of the screen, i used test device>touch screen from system setting, ill check ribbon again and let you know.

Hey there,

I’d also guess that you’ve somehow damaged the ribbon cable. To my knowledge it is not replacable on its own, the display has to be changed with it.

hey kage chwaaan :3 haha yeah i did it wasnt visible untill i turned the ribbon upside down, anyway i went to the trouble to replace the fron housing and digitizer, and put back things together, but didnt work, it was late night and i didnt eat so maybe i didnt plug in the battery though when i put it on the stand it “charged” but no picture, and i got a screw stuck and scraped, any idea how to remove it, i might just grind it, couldnt find rubber anywhere