Fat PS3(cechp01) freezes in game after 5 mins ! Otherwise works perfectly :/ PCB of Disc Drive bad?

Hello ! My fat cechp01 PS3 freezes whenever i play any game within 5-10 mins. This problem started 2 years ago so I replaced the blu ray drive, ps3 worked perfectly for a year but then problem came up again. I thought its overheating, so i replaced thermal paste and I replaced hard drive, still freezes. PS3 runs perfectly otherwise, even stays on in game menu for hours without freezing, only when i start to play a game , it freezes in minutes. The disk drive makes a weird noise as if the disk is stuck and cant spin after the game freezes. Other people have said the motherboard of the blu ray drive can be faulty since its gone through 2 perfectly fine blu ray drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Curious to this as well, I have a E01 that freezes within 5 minutes to an hour of use and I’ve done the harddrive, the pads, the paste, modded the case for airflow, it’s been an issue since within a couple months of me getting it from GameStop as a refurbished PS3 in 2013