Faulty Dock - no output to display

Hello everyone,

I’ve had a nightmare fixing my Nintendo Switch. It wouldn’t output to TV when docked. Ok, this is a known issue and I tried like everything I found on the internet and in this forum to track down the issue. The Switch wasn’t working in a known good dock too.
Now, I somehow fixed the Switch by reflowing the solder around the typical faulty chips. And it works in another dock without any problem now.
Still, in my dock it’s being recognized, but there is no TV Output.

So I’ve stripped down the dock and found the following:

imgur .com/a/AQGF5t0
(As I can’t post images and links yet, there’s a space between imgur and .com)

I checked the whole Typ-C port for continuity and the red marked pin is causing some issues. I get continuity between the cable and the marked pin. However, I don’t get any continuity from the cable to the ribbon cable connector. Is this pin in any way responsible for the TV Output? Is there a way to fix this little board or should i just buy a replacement board? Or is it even desired to conduct?

Thank you very much in advance!