Faulty Power Supply Repair

Hello there,
My PS4 Original works fine for about 20-30 Minutes. Then it turns off and there is nothing happening when pressing the power button. After plugging the power cable off and on and I press the power button, it beeps and there is a short blue light, but then it is dead again. When I wait for some hours, it works for some time again (as described at the beginning).
All in all, i think it has to be a problem at the power supply (model ADP-240AR) which accures only with full capacitors or something. I opened the power supply and nothing looked burned. Because it works for some time, i think it can not be a huge problem and it might be fixable… Do you have any suggestions, which part of the power supply causes this issue?

Allright for starter your PS4 might be get BLOD case which is turning on and off for a sec or turning on but stuck in blue light and then off.

First thing first, if your case is turning on and off for a couple of second then you should identify if the faulty is on the power supply or the APU in the PS4 and as for how to do it check this video on this link first

this will help you to know how to differentiate it.
Second after you know which faulty is (either the power supply or the APU) you should try this solution

If the faulty is on the Power Supply = Congratulation, all you need to do is replace the power supply, if you want repair it that’s fine but i need to remind you it’s complex because you need to check everything on it and you need to prepare a spare part to replace it, you can check for the fuse first, capacitor, transistor, mosfet, and lastly the resistor.

If the faulty on the APU = It’s gonna be a tricky one mate, first thing first i’m gonna tell you why i said the problem is on the APU. The only explanation that could give you it’s because the solder ball below the APU which connecting the APU and the board is cracked (either because the accumulated heat or because of time itself) so the solution is to reball it but i can’t guarantee it will work tho. and i have to remind you that this is not a permanent fix, best i can tell you will get it work a couple of month until the symptom back again, and to make matter worse it is costly.

it’s definitly the power supply because i have to disconnect the power cable before i can restart. With a APU Probem, this would have no effect. I can hear the described click as well. To be a 100% sure, I cleaned everything, used new thermal paste and did the washer fix but there was no difference at all.

That’s good to hear, then all you need to do is to grab a new one.