Faulty Software?

Jeah , another one.
Did someone ever had this Fault ?

Took a Video but cannot post a link to it ;(
But u can go on Youtube and Enter Rock n Rola2k14. There it is.

What happen:
Push power button
-Normal Start Nintendo logo blablabla
-Land Settings
-Network Settings (sometimes when i setup it i get a Error Code 2168-0002 with and without SD Card)
-Then Parents Control
-and at the “Press Home Button” i get no further.

Reset dont work !

This happens every time.
Thing i done so far.

Backup Nand and Restore = Nothing
CFW Install = nope because itll ever will start normal Firmware and i am in the same Home Menue and cant start the Software.
Installed another FW = Nope
Atm i had Restored everything to Normal an this is an actually Video of the fault.

What do u think ?
internal Firmware/Software Problem ?
Nand faulty ?

actually i get no further.