Faulty v1 switch, no fuel gauge data

Hi I was wondering if anyone has mapped out the circuit diagram around the fuel gauge area of the PCB.

I have a v1 UNPATCHED unit that I’m debugging…
I’ve pinpointed the issue that the unit won’t boot , to the fact that the system can’t get data from the fuel gauge IC. Booting Hekate everything seems fine apart from there is no charge/battery info available. Hekate just displays voltages & currents @ 0.00 (it’s a known good battery, btw)

The unit had slight liquid damage around the battery charge & fuel gauge IC’s, this has been cleaned up and both IC’s replaced.

Does the fuel gauge data bus go to the BQ battery IC? Or is it directed through the M92T36 power management IC?

This is where a circuit diagram would come in handy :smiley:

Anyone have any pointers/guidance on this type of issue?


Also forgot to mention that it does still charge the battery, just no indication of the charge within Hekate :slight_smile: