File Request: Xbox Series X "XBFS/RAW" Partition Image

Hi there. I’m looking for someone who can provide an image of their Xbox Series X 1GB “XBFS/RAW” partition from their internal SSD that is running the latest software as of May 23rd, 2023. This is the 1GB RAW partition found on all Xbox Series consoles that contains hardware specific encryption keys unique to that console and what allows it to boot. It needs to be running the latest Xbox software and taken from a Series X console.

I need to take someone’s working “XBFS/RAW” partition from the latest software update and using a new software tool, inject my console specific encryption keys into it and then restore that modified partition to my Xbox’s SSD in order to fix it…or at least I hope.

I’m posting this request at multiple popular console repair forums, but this is the first one I thought of so I’m hoping someone can help me out here. Someone with a working Series X console that doesn’t mind taking their Xbox apart, removing the SSD, connecting the SSD to their computer, image the 1GB partition, uploading it somewhere, and then linking it here is what it would take. I know it’s a sort of big request, but it’s my only shot.

I can write up a full guide on what I’m doing if it works out and post it here to help someone else in the future, but I need that XBFS/RAW partition with latest update first.


Did you find an image?
ive been looking all over for one and its the only thing keeping my xbox from working again,

These two YT vids have detail explained each console comes with tied 1GB RAW/XBFS partition that would not work on other console