Filter Shorted Under P13USB

So after replacing charging port, device charged normally with fast charging. Tested on the dock and the screen went blank as normal once inserted in the dock. But did not get any display output. Tried another known working switch and worked as normal. Tested the filters and found that the filter circled in BLACK was shorted as well as the filter circled in RED. I removed the P13USB chip and still found the short on both filters. Placed the chip back. Then I salvaged some filters from a donor board and replaced the shorted components. The filter circled in BLACK is no longer shorted. But the filter circled in RED is still shorted. Any ideas?

A short to ground or the both datalines are touching each other?
If both lines are touching even after replacing the filter, I guess the lines are bridged at the connector.
I would tanke the filter out and check if both lines are touching usb-connector side.

Not shorted to ground luckily. The data lines are from top left to bottom right and vice versa on the other side. (top right to bottom left)
I also removed the USB-C port as well and still have the same issue.

Also checked both lines and they are not touching.


are you saying they are shorted on the filter diagonally like in the image above?

If the pads underneath the filters are not shorted to each other, or ground, it just means the filters died. Replace the filters with new, they are available on digikey

I am pretty sure these are the exact replacements, but double check me before ordering.

That’s for v1 model filters,
If you need the filter circled in black, part number should be this EXC-X4CH120X

huh, interesting, didnt know they changed this for v2 boards. Thanks for the heads up, i do see the V2 part is a much lower resistance.

Not the specs of choke filer but is the size changed. You can easily tell the difference you you put the v1 filter next to the v2 ones

I believe I posted the 3types of pi3usb filter before, but just put this here again for reference. filter Brand can be others like Toshiba or Murata, doesn’t matter much.(thanks to Nins outdated specs)

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Yes they are shorted diagonally. I’ve replaced from a V2 donor board and still the same issue