First time - retimer replacement - does not tun on any longer

I have a defekt Xbox One X with no HDMI output. HDMI port looks ok, so I wanted to replace the retimer IC. Xbox was tuning on…

I am not an professional and just doing repairs as a hobby and never changed a retimer chip before.
Therefore I had some problems with the replacement and it took some time until everything looks ok (at least for me).
As I wanted to test it it works the Xbox does not turn on any longer. I am not sure if I have killed the box with my repairing or if this could be the reason with the retimer chip ?

Not sure it i grilled the chip are anything else, but any help is appreciated especially - attached yoiu can the see ther current result of my work.

Well, after I have checked the installation again and resoldered all joints I could not believe it but the Xbox started again and even better HDMI was working. So finally it was successfull…

Happy to get it done !