Fixable or Cloaster?

So on a scale of 1 to that PS4 is done! How bad is it. The small power cable connecter came right off the main board with little pressure when using the pliers to remove. On inspection, the white plastic seems to have heated up quite abit and even now that it’s out, it’s still stuck. Shame of all things because its a Darth Vader LTD Edition. I guess i’ll have to start saving for a PS5?

Having trouble adding pics, will try to put them in the replies.

Hey folks, why is giving me the message - you cannot embed media on this post - when i’m drag/dropping the pics ?

You can’t add them until you have made a few posts.
If it is just a broken connector, it should be fixable, even if you have replied all the pads off the board it can be fine with jumper wires.