Fixing an SNES game box

I have a copy of Mario World for SNES in box but the back is torn. The previous owner put some scotch tape on the box.

I’m wondering if anyone on here has thoughts on if this is worth attempting to repair. @tronicsfix maybe you have come across something like this?

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u.cubeupload dot com/Redditguy/A1524CCB900A4FA689AE.jpeg

Not really sure I’d call this repair work but rather restoration work

but, to remove tapes on coated card like this, light oils have worked well for me in the past, though you have to be careful to use it only on the “silk” coated sections otherwise the bare card will suck it up and of course you should check it’s behaviour on something similar or an inconspicuous area first

You may be tempted to use IPA which is great at thinning/disolving glues but it is also really great at pulling the colour out of these coatings

tbh in this case, even though you could probably remove the tape using the method above I’m not sure what you’d do afterwards and the tear would still be pretty obvious, I mean you could use CA glue on the card afterwards to reattach the the torn section but it would still be obvious, you could then go over with a permanent marker but they have a purple tone when used on black coated card, you could use a black acrylic paint pen but the end results are not smooth or consistent… so in my view it’s probably best to leave it as is :slight_smile: atleast it’s honest and shows it’s age :slight_smile:

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