Forum Rules - Read Before Posting - You Agree To These Rules By Using This Forum

In order to run a successful online forum we have established a set of boundaries. These boundaries are here to keep everyone safe. These rules will be administered by admins and mods. Admins and mods have the final say in any conflict on this forum. The goal of moderation is to keep the forums enjoyable and free from problems that detract from the experiences of our members.
Please just play nice and don’t break the rules.

Breaking rules result in punishments. There are several types of punishments:

  1. Warning - If there is a minor infraction you may be warned about your behavior by an admin or moderator. Please just follow the rules.
  2. Permanent Ban - If the admins determine that you deliberately broke a rule you may be banned immediately. Please just follow the rules.

The following rules list the most serious violations:

  1. Use This Forum at Your Own Risk - All instructions, information and interactions in this forum is to be used at your own risk. TronicsFix will not be help liable for any damages. By using these forums you give up the right to hold TronicsFix and all forum members liable for any damage.

  2. No Hacking - This should go without saying, but you are not permitted to hack the board. Guessing someone else’s password and succeeding counts as hacking. Members who hack will instantly be permanently banned without any warnings.

  3. No Discrimination, - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, whether they are gay or straight or for any other reason. TronicsFix forum is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated!

  4. No Bullying - Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. This can include insults. This includes flaming or instigating arguments. Bullying will result in an immediate ban.

  5. No Profanity or Obscene Content - This forum is a safe place. Profanity or obscene content anywhere in the forum (including your account, signature and avatar)(as determined by the admins and moderators) will not be tolerated.

  6. No Advertising - Advertising is not allowed in this forum. This includes affiliate links or any other links to any other websites. You may contact an admin if you feel you have a product that users of the forum will benefit from.

  7. No Illegal Activity - Engaging in illegal activity on this forum will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

  8. No Double Posting or Spamming - Please post only one time in the correct category. Do not post any links to any other websites in this forum or anywhere on

  9. No Posting Personal Info - Do not post yours or anyone else’s personal information anywhere on the forum.

  10. Photo Rules - Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit, offensive, or copyrighted.

  11. Post Deletion - Posts may be deleted for any reasons the forum administrator or mods deem reasonable.

  12. Avatars - No vulgar or violent images, pornography, or profanity. Avatars that are inappropriate will be removed at the discretion of the staff.

  13. Grammar - Please use proper grammar. Please don’t use ‘text-message’ style substitutions of words like ‘u’ for ‘you’, and ‘ur’ for ‘your’. This is a multi-national forum and sometimes translation software is used which is confused by abbreviations.

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