FPC replaced now no backlight

I just changed the lcd fpc connector and i can see images on the lcd. Now the backlight doesnt kick on. where can i check to see if i need to do an lcd replacement of if its something on the board.

have you checked and ensured every leg on the LCD fpc connector is solidly soldered?

yes. all the pins were just checked again to be sure. even checked the fuses/diodes on the backlight circuit (from another post found in the forum). Im thinking the next step would be replacing the lcd?

I wouldn’t go that far just yet. My next steps would be to inspect the backlight circuit first. You might have an issue with the backlight driver, or maybe even something as simple as the backlight flex cable is not inserted properly. Replacing the LCD would be an absolute last resort option for me, personally.

Ok. Any chance you’d be able to tell me exactly what I should do?

I normally don’t do anything with mother boards. Just not sure as to what I’m looking at.