Freezes at 50% while doing a factory reset

I was doing a complete factory reset because update failed. Console is now set at 50% on the Preparing Console screen. It will not let me boot into safe mode (troubleshooting screen) in order to update offline. Any suggestions? Switch hardrives? reformat drive?

Try the offline installer OSU1 extracted and copied to usb, google ‘xbox offline installer’ find the Microsoft page. (i cant post links for some reason)

if that fails of does same getting stuck, swap the harddrive.

There is another possibility that the blueray drive is faulty, theres a check with the firmware installation that communicates with the blueray drive if somethings wrong the install is stuck or errors.

good luck!

Thanks Aidan. I have downloaded the OSU1 but cannot install it due to the fact that I cannot boot into the troubleshooting menu, it goes directly to the preparing console screen.

I do have a good harddrive and blueray drive out of a working console. I will try swapping each of those in turn tomorrow. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna try installing OSU1 on a drive via my desktop. Just waiting on my drive enclosure to get here tomorrow.

I’m surprised that there isn’t more info on this issue on the internet, I can’t be the only one that has ran into this I’m sure. I’ll keep everyone posted as to what works. Thanks again

you have to press power button, sync button and eject button at same time for around 15 seconds… until it beeps twice and it will take you to troubleshooting menu…

Ok now I have gone from bad to worse. I reformatted and re-installed OSU1 onto my hard drive. Now the xbox one comes on then right back off again. If I remove the hard drive the console will stay on. I know its not the hard drive because I took it out of this xbox and put it into another one and everything works. So what would cause it not to boot when a good hard drive is installed? Any ideas?

I actually had the same issue with a One S I was working on - Used a tested, good hard drive and it would turn on then immediately shut off. I swapped out for another drive and it booted just fine. As soon as I put the other drive back in, it was back to shutting itself off. I still have no idea why, but it worked just fine after that. I would suggest trying another drive in it if you have access to one.

Remember you’ll need to partition the new drive on a PC using the Xbox tool if it hasn’t been used in an xbox before. I would also run a scan on the old drive to check for errors (Seagate Seatools, WD Data Lifeguard should work) and see if there are any bad sectors etc