Fried My Laptop, imperfect amount of thermal paste

Hi, so long story short; I was putting the perfect amount of thermal paste on my laptop, but forgot to unplug the battery and shorted out a component. I’ve done some digging and the component was a ferrite bead (SMD size package, looks like a smd cap). That was the only physical damage but It was fried… I bypassed this with solder to get it working again but now I get a weird symptom where it thinks it’s not charging and dies, but only when I stress the graphics card (or simply open a game). Otherwise it seems to be fine.

I bypassed the bead as I thought that would just be very low impedance anyway, but could this be the issue…?

I would love to be able to fix this but I think it may be a lost cause (for me, anyway).


Just a quick addition that I’ve found - the bead is 80ohm impedance - will that have an affect?