Fuel gauge problem?

Here to ask insights from experts here, I’m trying to fix a switch v1 jailbreakable, that has an error on its battery info capacity design shows 1000mah unit! Error. Already tried replacing the fuel gauge ic 4 times already with same error, then after an hour the console doesn’t power on. Even if your try to inject payload no response. Here is the picture of the error.

Also tried to test continuity based on a diagram found here. Every test point has continuity. So it makes me wonder if this is really a fuel gauge issue. Tried a different. Battery same error when I go to hekate.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t think you have a fuel gauge issue. I’ve seen the 1000mAh stat presented in Hekate even on good boards, seems to require some sort of cycle (not really sure on the mechanism) for that stat to report correctly in Hekate.