Funny answer from the reparator, am I being fooled here?

Hi there.

I live in Kenya and bought a new Swtich Lite. However, I had high suspiscion it was a refurbished Switch from ex-Dubai. The Wifi Chip never worked (2% of the time) and then suddenly, the console got stuck at the logo screen (charging and battery are fine as I fully uncharged and recharged).

I sent the console to a repair shop with two requests:
a) fix the logo stuck at screen;
b) confirm if the console was really new or refurbished.

But I hade doubts about what the repair shop says to me… it sounds that he is lloking for a quick fix instead of a proper diagnostic. See below.

What your opinion here? Am I being fooled? Also, that link I sent - the ifixit link - is well detailed and that poster did a full diagnostic… and yet, the repair shop is belittling my source. Also, hearing that components can’t be tested is odd to me.

Should I run away? Any better address?

The guy says I should sent it Nintendo Repair if still under warranty, ahaha

Repair shop - If the console is still guaranteed at Nintendo, I advise you to send it to the after-sales service

Me - It is not. But it freezes because of the Wifi chip quite simply which is defective as said in the workshop sheet. Please read this -
(google for “ifixit - Switch+stuck+at+boot,+but+charges+fine”). 90% sure it’s the Wifi Chip (BCM4356XKUBG). Please get back to me by email when you can

Repair shop - Hello, I am going to order a WIFI Chip, but without guarantee that the failure comes from it! I will receive the part within 15 days: I will keep you informed. If not, I can offer motherboard replacement (in stock)

Then, this, so touchy

Me - Hello, are you able to spot the problem with a tester? Also, did you open the console because I suspect the board has been refurbished? The motherboard is140 euros, it’s a bit steep. And also, all data will be lost.

Me - If you’re not sure and can’t fix it, you might as well tell me and send it back to my dad. Sorry, I really thought you were doing a deep examination (with tester etc) and had experience with Switch repair.

Repair shop - There is no “tester” to test a WIFI chipset … And I have been repairing consoles since 2011 as a professional! It is not a concern of being “able” or not. It is simply that it is necessary. I must get the a CHIP WIFI (obligatorily, from OCCAZ, because coded by Nintendo) and Replace it, to see if the failure is really from this

Me - You haven’t had a screen blocked at the logo before?

Repair shop - It’s not because a poor Thread on ifixit mentions WIFI chip that it is 100% sure that this is the fault. On the Nintendo logo: yes, several times. On the Switch logo: no

Me - I’m not a professional and I try to get the info where I can, sorry … and I chose you because indeed you have very good reviews and do a good job. That’s fine with me, let’s try the CHIP Wifi. Possible to have a quote? Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.

Repair shop - When it hangs on the Nintendo logo: It’s an IC, which is HS!

Me - IC?

Repair shop - I will check the price of the CHIP, but normally, we will be on 80 € (excluding return) for the replacement of the chip. IC: integrated circuit. There are 3 on the motherboard. M92T36: power control; BQ24193: Charge control;

Me - but the power and the charge works very well. To exclude

Repair shop - PI3USB: Audio / video transmission from console to TV. The console that freeze on the Nintendo logo: it’s the M92T36. So no, M92T36 is not necessarily to be excluded

Me - And are you able to do the troubleshooting to determine the cause before ordering the Chip Wifi?

Repair shop - I will try to see if the thermal cam, one of the IC does not react abnormally but we can’t do much more. This kind of failure, it is one replaces the elements, 1 to 1, and one sees! This is how afterwards, we know which components generate which failure! But there is no “tool” to test a WIFI chip, an IC or a GPU

Me - Yes, I understand correctly. I am going to do some research on a few groups of professionals like you because the lM92T36 would have caused loading problems.

Me - Please send me a little explanation and a quote by email if possible. Because if 80Eur the Wifi Chip, as much as I take the motherboard…

Me - Last question, did you open the console?

Repair shop - The M92T36 does not always cause charging problems, no. Considering the work that the WIFI chip requires, I can’t do better than 80 €.
Yes, if we change the motherboard, we obviously lose the data of the old one

Repair shop - No, I haven’t opened the console yet, but I can take care of it this afternoon if you want me to check if the CM has already been repaired

Me - Thank you for this information, give me a few days to make a decision. Thank you. No urgency, I will come back to you for the repair. But indeed, if you can open it already and see if the CM is refurbished or in bad shape, that would already be that. Good day