Fuse - charging potr

Hi. On the begining please forgive me spelling, this is not my native language so I can make mistakes.

I just unsolder fuse situated couple mm up to charging port.

Can you tell me about the value of this fuse becouse I need to by a new one to change.

Thank you in advance for your help.

As far as i know is a fuse, corect size it’s 0402, 2.5-3.5A 32V
I think you can try this:


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Thanks for fast reply.
After change I will write if it works or not.

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Hey there,
Fuse was changed. I bought size 0402 3A 32V. Letter on the top fuse is “P” but i found picture of motherboard which has “V” Letter. What do you think does it matter?

Before fuse changing, when charged battery was connected console works properly. After operation I have shorts on capacitors around MAX77621 and capacitor above USB port.
And another on back side MAX77620.
I will ty to add photos later.
A shorts also occurs when a fuse has been soldered off.
Any idea what goes wrong?

You can try to make just a simple bridge instead of the fuse and see what happens.

Nothing was change.
The shortage is still on the compensator above than the fuse. It arises even when there is a bridge and when there is a fuse.
Should I change the compensator? USB-C?

Yes, change that capacitor…

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Yesss yess. As you said. After capacitor change console start work properly. Great thanx.

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Could you fully describe what your repair routine was? I also have shortage on the fuse above charging port.

At the beginning I checked the short circuit around the charging chips and everything was ok. Later I checked the fuse. It was burned out. I learned from the forum that the value can be from 2.5 to 4.5v. I assembled 4 because I had no other. Later I checked the capacitor and it turned out to be burnt too. After the exchange, everything worked. That was fuse for replacement and shortage on capacitor above fuse. All was replaced and console start works.

Smal mistake… That was size of Fuse 0402 4A 32 V.

But now I was checked connection console by docking station to TV and I see that TV switches to hdmi from the docking station but there is no picture on it. What could it be.?
Any ideas…?

filter m92t36 p13usb

Buenas no se si hablas español pero el condensador que mencionas cerca del puerto de carga sabrias decirme donde puedo encontrarlo en una placa de switch? En esa placa estan quemados ese y el fuisble mas pequeño de hay al lado y necesito saber si hay mas con el mismo voltaje en la placa para extarerlo y pasarlo a la otra