Game Card Reader connector on motherboard

I need a replacement Game Card Reader connector on the motherboard. Can’t seem to locate one. Really don’t want to harvest one of a donor board unless I really have to.



thanks for the quick reply.

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Anyone know the part number of the connector that slots into this? I have several game card readers with damaged connectors and have yet to be able to find the male piece that mates with this.

It’s a 38 pin FPC socket. Just do a search on google for sources.

There are a large number of connectors matching the description. I was hoping someone would have an idea of the actual way this part is described.

Did you ever find a replacement for the connector on the game card reader?

Nope. Basically bought replacement card readers complete. Fixed the problem.

Search for the game card reader on eBay or Aliexpress, planty of choices

I have three game card readers with faulty connectors. I was just wondering if anybody had found a supplier or a substitute connector?

I see AliExpress sells the female connector (Mainboard side). But not the male side from card reader

Im also looking… Its kind of strange that all other connectors could be bought…

I guess no one found one…?

Safe to assume no male connectors have been sourced? Seems like such a waste, might just solder the few I have directly haha.

Further details here