Game freezes ps4

I have a ps4 original from like launch day and when ever I play modern warfare multiplayer exclusively it will some times make the screen turn black and the ps4 works for like 1 minute but I cant shut the game down or turn the ps4 off and then it will freeze everything and I have to hold down the power button and force a shut down it’s really annoying and I want it to be fixed so please help me thank you

Cod modern warfare become Pressure on ps4 models fat and slim and much update this problem become damage hdd console and APU your console if your console fan noise and so much fast this problem Because your apu not good cooling and easy way clean fan and change thermal paste APU and other side if problem from HDD try full format your hdd in safe mode maybe help your hard beter way close hard from console connected to pc and format and check for bad sector if hard have problem beter way if you not problem buy new one.
This point first format hdd in safe mode can help