Gameboy dmg-01 doesn't load game

I have a faulty gameboy dmg-01.
When I try to launch a game it doesn’t always load.
When it doesn’t work, turning the game boy off and on again does not change the behavior.
I take the cartridge out and put it back in. Sometimes it loads properly. Other times it changes the distortion of the logo.
It seems to be a contact problem.
I have already check gameboy cartridge slot and game contacts, but everything looks good. I cleaned cartridge slot and game contacts.
I have 3 cartridges. Same issue with all 3 games. Are the cartridges too old?
What could be the problem?

I have pictures about gameboy board and cartridge contacts, but I cannot add to this topic, I don’t know how to share with you

Thanks in advance for any help!

Most likely the pins on the handheld are dirty since the other games do that same thing. Also make sure your battery contact don’t have corrosion on them.