Games close with error: 2002-4153 - unmodified - same error with new gamecardreader

so games are crashing with the errorcode above. switch was obviously dropped. same error with new gamecardreader. the usbport was working but about to die, so i replaced it. planingon installing a sxcore and rebuilding the nand/swaping the nandmodul. after that im going to reflow the ram. did anyone had the same error? any suggestions?

so apperently the nand was damaged. made a backup of the nand and prodkeys. rebuild the nand with this tutorial and flashed it back to the same emmc = blackscreen. flashed it onto another emmc = black screen. :rage:
im looking to build a nand from scratch with the original prod.keys and hoping, that the prod.keys arent corrupt. i think there are tutorials but i cant seem to find them. could you guys please help out with a link?