GeForce GTX 1080TI Sudden Death


Today I’ve had some interesting failure.
I played a game, randomly, while being in a zoom meeting. Suddenly my screen turned off. I thought, oh my GDM crashed again, but no. When i switched tty, no picture. When i rebooted, no picture. My view went onto the pc, and I’m seeing my GPU being entirely off.
Now i thought, maybe it’s my PSU/mainboard/whatever, so i removed it, tried it in another PC. Nothing. Tried a rtx2080 (friends GPU) in my pc, worked perfectly fine. The card just suddenly said goodbye to the world.
I screwed the card apart, but saw no apparent burns or anything. I’m pretty nervous because I currently, understandably, don’t have the funds to buy a new GPU that’s even close to being equal to this card. Is there anything I can possibly do at home, that doesn’t cost a fortune? I sadly don’t have any tools besides 2 screwdrivers.

Hello your gpu need reflow or beter bga in your home not any can’t your gpu solder joinet each other Because over heated or over Pressure on it’ if first time reflow can help you but your gpu never back on orginal health and power and become faster warming

I’m extremely sorru, but I don’t understand what you said at all…
I don’t have home tools nor the knowledge to find out what is broken, nor do I want to stuff my GPU into my oven…

Your gpu have big ic under heatsink and fan’ this ic need soldering fix’ if not tools in home’ give repair shop fixed

That’s the only way I revived my 8800GTX back in 2010, I stuffed it in the oven for few minutes (I don’t remember how many minutes nor the temperature) and it worked for a couple months… until it died again, the I did it again and it worked again for a month or so, then the same happened but the fix only lasted a couple days so I got tired of that shit and dumped it and I haven’t played videogames ever since. The thing is, it worked for me because the 8800 series was 90 NM architecture, (bigger and less complicated manufacturing process), the new GPUs are way more complicated and baking the card most likely won’t work.