Good heat gun for Red Ring of Death Fix

Does any one know of a good heat gun to use for reheating and melting solder underneath chips on a xbox360 motherboard? I found one on amazon that gets up to 650C, is that enough? Or maybe too much? I new to this and wanted to start out with something simple. Thanks for any advise.

RROD on 360 is caused mostly by two issues… first is a Die level issue on the CPU or GPU, second is down to board warp causing subsequent issues - most of the time connection issues with the CPU or GPU… none of which would be solved by a reball or reflow, you might find it works temporarily following such a procedure but you will have just changed something as a result of the heat involved and the problem will ultimately return.

Very occasionally this is a capacitor related issue (though this is far more common on PS3’s with the YLOD issue) so you might wanna look ito that prior. Otherwise reballing/reflowing won’t get you anywhere unfortunately. If you do want to go ahead with a reball then I’d say swap the CPU and GPU onto another board to increase your odds (though you’d have to check iif any other IC’s are paired too)

As for equipment, any old preheater (I think it’s called Puhi, which is cheap) will work fine in combination with a hot air station from above

The 360 has a common problem that can be solder fixed incolving the r34 resistors corralting with the heat sensor and causing unstabt shutdown maybe its this?