Good screwdriver set for Switch?

Can anyone recommend a good, ideally inexpensive set of screwdrivers for Switch disassembly?

I have a cheap generic pair from eBay, and the tri-wing is OK but the Phillips is a poor fit and I’ve stripped several screws.

You mostly dont want to skimp out on tools as you will need to often rebuy poor tools which will eventually cost as much as if you would just buy the proper tools in the first place. Generally, ifixit has good quality tools (which I also use) that fit properly and shouldnt wear out during normal use. The Moray driver kit seems like a good fit for the switch as it has most tri wing and phillips sizes as well as a couple of miscellaneous bits and it only costs 20€

Any precision multihead screwdriver is usually a good screwdriver, the multihead ones are cheap but aren’t nasty and their larger bits fit desktop pc’s as well as having the tri bit for the switch and 3ds and torx security for the playstation, it’s one screwdriver for all applications.

I bought my kit on ifixit