Graphical glitching/Death Stranding crashing

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the issue that I am having with my not even 2 year old pro. Since i can’t include links google “Unknown graphical glitches on PS4 Pro. What could be wrong?” and look at that. Also “youtube 43r6yah1ZCo” for a Death Stranding specific one.
Death Stranding is the game giving me real issues now
That is the only game that is constantly crashing on me and it seems there are other people with these issues with that game and no other issues. I have the glitching to various degrees on other games but no problems with crashes.
I figure it’s a bad GPU but not sure if there is anything that can be done about that.
I’ve tried swapping to an ssd with the same crashing but i’m not sure if the GPU issues is part of the reasons for the crashes.
If I swapped the motherboard i’m assuming there would there be issues?

White PS4 Pro CUH-7115B