Graphics issues with certain games

My Xbox works fine in main menu and for most games, but some games have artifacting going on that make it unplayable. It’s very consistent. Having bars going across the screen. It was usually with older 360 games but now it’s happening with the new call of duty modern warefare during matchmaking lobby and during gameplay. Some angles in the game cause a glare across the whole screen but the bars are always there. Games like rocket league and Black ops 4 seem to work completely fine. I’ve tried all tv and console display settings, different HDMI cables, ports on the TV and even a different moniter with no difference. I haven’t seen this problem anywhere else on the internet. Thank you so much for creating this forum.

Check and lower your graphics settings mate some games can’t support what the s and x can I found the out on my xbox one s with subnautica I had my graphics settings right up and it artifacted until I turned them down then she ran like a dream

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