HAC-001 Switch no video out - Dock has green light, screen goes black and charges

Switch does not have any video-out when docked, the green light turns on, the switches screen turns black and it charges the switch.

Switch dock ribbon cable was replaced and works with other switches so i can rule it out as an issue.

USB-C port already replaced, all filters tested without any issues, all resistors and caps tested around both the P13USB and M92T36 chips without shorts.

I have no idea what the issue could be, i was thinking it could be the P13USB or the M92T36 chips but they usually cause shorts on the capacitors and resistors around them and there are no such shorts.

Any ideas?

I have just tested most of the caps on the front side of the board and the only ones that have no side continuous to ground and a re shorted are the 3 caps beside the +MAX 77621AEWI, i have read that replacing the M92T36 chip solve this, anyone have any experience as such?

https:// imgur . com / b7nTsWD (sorry for weird link formatting, cant post links or images for some reason)
Circled in red are the (what looks like) caps that are shorted.
Again they are just beside the MAX77621.
If anyone knows if this is normal behavior or is caused by a faulty chip please let me know.

Replying again because i forgot to outline in my original post that the switch works as normal in every other way apart from being docked, there are no issues whatsoever working in handheld, no issues with fast charging and i don’t have a thermal camera to test for other (hidden) shorts at all.

the only caps on the entire board i found to be shorted and not grounded are the 2 large caps below the MAX77621 and the one large cap just to the top left of it.

I would like to not have just a paperweight if i go messing with it as i have little experience with micro soldering but if replacing the M92T36 and/or the P13USB will fix the issue i will be more than willing to give it a go.

Those are inductors/coils in the picture you red circled.
Not sure How you measure short, if you probe one side to other, then yes, it is short by definition of inductor/coil. Or if you put one probe to ground, another probe to on side of the inductor, that is the proper way of measuring SHORT to GROUND.
Since you mentioned working normal in handheld mode. There should not be the problem or you wont get device boot up.
Back to the original topic, not sure if you have breakout board to insure all pin from new port(especially hidden lines) got seat properly

Thats good news at least, i presumed they were capacitors as they had a similar colour, this means they are fine.

it seems that my breakout board is faulty (i have a spare one somewhere, looking for it now) as it charges correctly and all but here are the readouts anyways.
A1 - .000
A2 - Open Line
A3 - Open Line
A4 - Open Line
A5 - Open Line
A6 - Open Line
A7 - Open Line
A8 - Open line (jumps to about 1.4 for a second)
A9 - Open Line
A10 - Open Line
A11 - Open line
A12 - .000
B1 - .000
B2 - Open line
B3 - Open line
B4 - Open line
B5 - Open line
B6 - Open line
B7 - Open line
B8 - Open line (again, jumps to about 1.4 for a second)
B9 - Open line
B10 - Open line
B11 - Open line
B12 - .000

imgur com ES3H1yV
What component is this? both sides are shorted to ground

Most likely bad P13usb ic

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