HAC CPU 10 - Right Joycon detected but not charging

hey guys,

this console had a drop damage. i replaced the charging port and the joycon rails. everything works fine. only thing which is not working is that the right joycon isnt charging. i couldnt find a short near the connector. replaced m92t but still has the same problem. the fan is working properly. any idea where i could start looking?

best regards

Well, first thing to check is whether it’s the joycon at fault, do you have another right joycon you can try? or have a another switch you can test the right joycon on?

sry for not mentioning it but this is of corse the first thing i tried.

LEFT Joycon detected but not charging. The right Side is working properly…

If it’s just the one joycon not charging, and you have already changed the rail, I would be mostly suspicious of the connector…

Could the connector break from just a drop damage? There was no flux etc around the connector before.

Replaced the bq ic and the rail a second time btw

I would think pretty much anything can break from drop damage. I would probably connect a joycon rail to it, or an opened joycon, and check for continuity all the way from the joycon end to the switch end and check to see if any of the connectors solder joins have come loose from the board. If that all checks out it could be the PU chip on that side, it is on the back of the board, though I don’t really know how to test it.