Hac cpu 21 - does not charge ONLY when powered off

hey there,

got a switch here where i replaced the usb port and m92t and the fuse. the switch does work, tv output workes. it charges etc. but it does not charge when the switch is powered off. it doesnt matter if the battery has charge or not. the switch dosnt boot or indicates charging when the power cable is plugged in. tried original and non original charger.

any ideas?

best regards


So I would disconnect USB and battery and plug in a USBC breakout board and verify you have continuity to the various corresponding destinations using one of the many USB charts posted online.

You seem to be suggesting that the USB does not prompt the console to boot which would typically be indicative of a bad M92 (or bad install) or bad USB port (or bad install)

What is USB current draw when the system is both on and again when it’s off?