HAD CPU 01 - Mariko - right joycon not detected - replaced rail - replaced ICs around connector - voltages on connector are fine - replaced usb port and m92t36

this switch is working fine. only right joycon isnt detected at all. only wireless. this switch apperently had some liquid spilled on it. nothing reached the motherboard, or joycons motherboards. just sticky buttons and some corrosion on the rails. replaced the rails, replaced ICs around right joycon connector, replaced usb port and m92t36. checked voltages on the connector against know good motherboard. tried know working joycon. no luck. any ideas? could it be software issue? no modchip was installed before.

best regards

could be a dropped at some point. the r button was broken from the joycopn motherboard. the connector is fine. i checked for continuity.