HAD CPU 01 - Missing Components near audio chip

2 resistor/caps are missing near the audio chip. Does anyone have an idea of which ones they are?

Tried to post pic but Im not allowed too yet.

Are you able to link to a screenshot and I can tell you?

Was able to upload pics now, ty.

So they are 2 capacitors. The left one is the same size as the horizontal capacitor directly to it’s left and the right missing capacitor is the same size as the vertical capacitor next to the 000 resistor to the left of the missing caps.

As for it’s value I really couldn’t tell you as you can’t measure them with just a multimeter and get an accurate reading. However if you can source a donor board for the switch you’ll be fine to take the same caps off or any caps of the same size from the board and chances are it’ll be fine. Particularly within the same area if possible.

Here is the value.
For reference check ALC5640 DATASHEET (Pg. 146)

Hi, I also need help with component missing in white. I am not very good with schematics.

https ://imgur[dot]com/a/QlSp7wC