[HAD-CPU-01] request for assistance in identifying components


Can anyone help me identify the components in the following photo?

drive.google com/file/d/1xhld760I_SoE_tpjsYeS1EL_I8kfY981/view?usp=sharing

Nintendo Switch MOD.HAC-001(-01) / mob HAD-CPU-01

Thank you very much for your help and all the information :wink:

I couldn’t upload the photo directly so I’m sharing it on my google drive

@jkyoho can you tell me what the component marked as phase on your photo is ?
in my case there are elements in the same place, more like a capacitor.
i am also posting a picture where i have marked them in red

drive.google com/file/d/15BdaXUTC3T0HjNiAqAjKephfzyC8N9Fa/view?usp=sharing

Those are inductor, normally wont break unless you physically broke them in half.
You could find their value from datasheet

@jkyoho could I ask for information on this data sheet?
I honestly don’t know much where to look for this…

page30 of max77812 datasheet

@jkyoho I would like to ask a further question regarding :

  1. regarding the inductors,
    I cannot find anywhere the same ones as recommended. I only managed to find something as close as possible to them: WIP252010S-R22MLDG / WIP201610S-R22MLDG. do you think they will be suitable ?

  2. regarding condensers,
    in the datasheet there is only mention of capacitors in 0603 enclosure. it is written there that their rated voltage is 6.3V. should I also assume that for the rest of the capacitors the proper value will be 6.3V and observe if they fail and replace with a bigger one in such a case ? because looking through various information about capacitors used in the switch and their sizes, there are values from 6.3/10/25V.

by the way, should I choose the rated voltage of the 10kohm resistor in the same way as the capacitors by trial and error?

I’m sorry for the stupid questions, but I’m at the beginning of my adventure with electronics repair and I wouldn’t like to end up frying my switch… Thanks again for your understanding :wink:

inductor size can be measured from the board or pad, larger size wont fit for sure.
Capacitors around max77812 are all within voltage range no more than 1.35v, therefore even 3.3v voltage rate cap would be suitable for max77812 area.
Resistor does not normally have voltage spec but power rate, 100k OHM resistor there is 0201 size. power rate doesn’t matter there.

FYI, I would not recommend buying components individually if you not knowledge enough or don’t even know what is the issue root cause. Buy a donor board instead. Or you would end up ordering new stuff in such rabbit hole

Thank you very much for your help as well as any information…