HAD-CPU-01 Side A - Missing Component Identification - pls help

hi all. hoping for some help. can someone please tell me where I can find this info or can provide the info themselves for a missing component. its a Switch HAD-CPU-01

i accidentally knocked this cap off with my board holder (i was able to tell it was a cap from other images). but i have no idea what the value of it is. any help would be greatly appreciated. this is the top right portion of the board (side a) when having usb c port orientated down.

Measured at 2.4uF, should be 2.2uF then

Thanks for the reply. Iā€™m new to these boards and only have this one. Still learning.

Will this work?

0402 10V 2.2uF X7S 10% T: 0.5mm

yes, should be good.

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