HAD-CPU-10 - Nintendo Switch -everything but wifi works - replaced wifi ic already - 2110-1118

i replaced the wifi ic multiple times. different ics. the switch takes a few seconds longer on the second bootlogo and then proceeds. bluetooth does work. pressing on “internet settings” lleds to the error: 2110-1118.

i dont see any worng looking components and couldnt detect any shorts. which component/components is most likly causing this error?

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I had that error code on one of my repair few weeks ago. Initially it came in saying wifi issue and when doing wifi search on internal settings the 2110-1118 error would pop-up. I re-balled the same wifi chip and it last few days then came back to me. So I replace it instead and so far so good.

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thx for your answere. i replaced the ic multiple times. with pulled ics which i reballed and also with ics which came preballed. i assume it must be something else. what i also noticed is that when the display is off and you press the power button it also takes 1 second longer then usual.


I recently had a no wifi issue on a switch lite i was working on, replaced the broadcom chip with brand new one, then got some error message. Traced my fault back to the IC highlighted in yellow, not exactly sure what it is though. Im pretty confident both the lite and full size models use the same wifi circuit, so this might be an area for you to poke around in.

Main difference for me is the chip looked like it had suffered overvoltage as I also had to replace the white connector in the top left as well as repair the trace going to the wifi antenna connection. Pretty easy IC to replace, so if you got a donor board its not too much of a hassle.

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