HAD-S-UXA-V0 Good battery and power flow, no display

I’m in the process of trying to troubleshoot a bad Switch. The battery is good. Charges, holds a charge, and discharges normal (tested with calibrated Fluke 187). USB-C plug is also good, receiving power correctly across the pins. But no matter what I try, the thing won’t boot. At least not that I can tell. There’s zero display. Not even a charging LED to show that it’s plugged in. I’m relatively new to troubleshooting Switches, so I’m hoping someone here might know something. The model is the one listed in the title, as far as chipset goes. I’m thinking it’s a bad display, but I genuinely don’t know enough about the micros or internals on these things. Any help is appreciated.

can you hear any sounds when you push buttons?

Negative. There is zero indication from it. No sounds, lights. Nothing. Fan doesn’t even activate.

I would check the m92t36 and the surrounding caps.

do you have an ammeter? does it show the normal signs of booting (going up to .47a, resetting the meter, then back to .47a+)

I checked pins 5 and 6 on the M92T36 and got 0v with battery connected. Gonna swap that with a known good part and see if that fixes the issue.