Hard Drive Replace Mistery!

I was wondering that everytime i’ve tried to replace a hard drive, the xbox ends up sending me that error msg, E101 or E106, i’ve tried with xboxonehddmaster8 and 9 but nothing… curious thing is that i have tried o 2 xbox in which original drives were working, so when i put back those working drives on each xbox they ran just fine… i feel myself very capable of doing a simple procedure as that, but at this point i’m confused or i feel i’m missing something…!!

Have you tried a new or known good cable?

Yes, actually i have tried, but the strange thing is when i plug back the original hdd, it restarts just fine… are all console updates elegible to update with the actual osu1?

They should be but I’ve had a few here and there that do something similar to what you’re describing and not sure what causes it.

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