Harddrive fault

Hi, I have an issue with a ps4 pro that I’m really hoping you can help me with. I bought my dad a ps4 pro to replace his ps4 slim as he has a 4k tv and wanted the 4k graphics etc and his slim is getting old and loud.
I transferred everything over via Ethernet cable for him which took most of the day, after it was done my dad played it for an hour or so, the next day.
The following day he turned it on but it wouldn’t turn on, it said couldn’t start the ps4 please connect a controller using a Usb cable and turn it on. Which he did, it then said he needed to get an update of 9.03 or later using a usb stick. Unfortunately my dad not knowing what to do pressed ok rather than cancel.
The ps4 no longer turns on unless it’s turned on in safe mode but it only gives you one option which is option 7. Initialise (system software). I press this and all it does is tell me about the update I need on the usb. I’ve tried this and the ps4 can’t find the update on the usb.
I’ve tried putting my own harddrive into the ps4 but it does the same thing (so I guess the ps4 has an issue?) I’ve also put the harddrive into my own ps4 which nearly broke my own ps4. (So I need to replace the faulty harddrive) how do i fix the issue with the ps4 even with a new harddrive in it doesn’t work and doesn’t download the update it requires?