Has Anyone Bought A Chinese PSU for a ps4 Slim? Are They Any Good?

See title just bought 2 broken PS4’s for an absolute bargain and one of them seems to simply have a bad PSU the chinese ones are about 4/5ths of the price of used OEM parts and I want to know if they are any good?

So since no one seems to know I’ve taken the punt and bought one I’ll post about the quality or lack there of after it arrives

It’s here and it works I’ll post some pics with a few more details later

so after two weeks of running at least 8 hours a day I feel safe to say it is fine it dose have a few small issues namely a lack of sound deadening foam that is on the oem psu leading it to being significantly louder than oem but still quieter than a launch xbox-360 power brick. it is also quite a bit lighter than the oem unit and the plastic feels cheap. when I first plunged it in the was a high pitch whine but I think that was just some capacitors getting charged or something after the first 20 mins it stopped

here are a few pics I took two comparing it to the oem unit and one of it just after installation

apparently I can’t embed images here ah well