HDMI Connector Tester!

@tronicsfix Hi Steve, good afternoon, i saw in one of your videos (don’t remember wich one exactly) you were using some kind of connector to test integrity of an hdmi port (to test continuity), i’ve been looking for it everywhere but can’t find it… !! Are you selling it on your site? or where could i buy it?


There are lots of them out there but this is the one I bought and use (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3agZdTq

Thanks a lot, now i feel like an idiot because i really spent a lot of time looking for it and couldn’t find it…!! Probably i wasn’t using correct words in my search…!!

Thanks for your time…!

Ha, ha…it took me a while to find them originally. Once you get the right terms in there they pop right up. I don’t use it often but it’s a super helpful tool when you need it.

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Yes, i can save a lot of time with this when i have doubts about a port integrity…

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