HDMI encoder chip

So I’ve bought a ps4 original with the blinking blue light. Tried the washer trick and didn’t help. The tv recognizes something connecting but does not initially detect the ps4. I was wondering if that’s the chip issue, can I use a donor IC chip from a cuh-1116 model for a cuh-1004 model? Or does it have to be the EXACT model? Thanks

If you don’t get white led steady and controller does not sync to device, HDMI encoder won’t be the one you looking for.

Ruled out the Hard drive and PSU, did not fix, tried washer trick did not work, would probably have to look at the encoder and apu itself. It’s 1004 model, have an extra working 1004 model, was thinking switching motherboard to see if it’s really something faulty on the board. Any ideas?

Did you find a solution? It sounds like something similar to what I’m experiencing