Hdmi port keeps breaking off after replacing

I’m racking my brains I’ve done multiple hdmi port replacements on Xbox series X and ps5, I’ve tried pin by pin solder, drop method.
But after 2 weeks they come back broken again off the board, I flood the pads and the holding points.
I don’t know what happened.
Could it be the old solder reel I have it’s over 5 years old. What techniques can you advise please


My best guess is not enough heat during soldering. At the drop method you probably melt the solder in the holes enough to drop the port inside, but the legs from the cold port itselfes are not making a good contact with the solder due to cooling the solder. Maybe presoldering the legs from the port maybe help to improve the bonds.

Solder reel with a flux core has from my supplier no expiring date.