HDMI Port Replacement

I replaced an HDMI port for someone. They told me they moved it from one TV to the next and it didn’t connect to the other TV. Port was damaged, etc etc I replaced it. I get to the PS logo just fine, then it starts to flicker and lose signal. Any ideas? I’m losing it lol

I would recheck your pin connections. Make sure you really get a good amount of solder on them, to ensure a good connection. You also want to make sure you have a good amount of solder in the mounting pins to keep it secure.

If all this checks out, you could have a bad filter leading up to the hdmi port. Or the ic encoder could be faulty.

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Ok I’ll check the pins again to make sure. I did wiggle them all and they seemed fine, maybe not enough solder on them though.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

sounds more like an ic chip failure…

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