HDMI Problem - port ok - diagnostic help

I have a PS5 on my bench with no picture. PS5 boots up normally (white light).
Cannot see any problems on the HDMI port.

As I am quite new on PS5 repairs I would like to ask for some diagnostic help. I know that the MN864739 also could be the problem, but not sure if this is very probably if the port is ok?

If it is a high chance that the chip is faulty I will go for a try, but would like to get more information what can be checked of what is most likely the problem in such cases.

Any ideas or experiences with that?

HDMI breakout pin checked?

I do not have a HDMI breakout board - only for USB-C, but this does not help here.
Something like this ? HDMI Breakout Male

Maybe the best to change the port first and check if it is solved?

Yes, thats a good breakout board. I would check if every pin having good contact to board under scope and also diode reading first before replacing anything,

Was too quick im my analyse as I only inspected the HDMI port from outside. When I opened the console I could see a clear defect on the port - changed it and worked again.

Was not aware that ports can be broken if you cannot see any damage from outside.

Thanks für the help!

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I have seen many cases the original port got pins lift up(worst case pads ripped together as well) but the shape all good, thats why break out board in some case help, not to mention always test with breakout board after new port installed.