HDMI torn from board

Acquired a ps5 listed as slightly damaged HDMI. Was much worse than described, I’ll attach pics. I’m still a novice at micro repair but I am aware that I’ll need to replace some traces and caps along with a new port…obviously lol
Question is, does anyone have an up close shot of the hdmi section of the board on a board Model EDM-033 OR is it basically the same trace layout of other revisions?.. also is based on pics is it worth me attempting this detailed of a repair being still a novice or should I pass it on to someone else?

Edit, still new here and it wouldn’t let me post the pic


Despite TVS diodes been put to the other side, you have all pad and via(through hole pots) on same side, not much different IMO

How do you include pics? It errors anytime I try. I’d like to share what I’m looking at to get opinions on what my options are, this one may be out of my ability. Heck I’d love to see Steve Atem0t this one…lol

upload your picture to other sitr like imgur.com and paste link like http://imgur(dot)com/xxxxx