Hdmi tracings got ripped up… whoops

While trying to replace an hdmi tv out port, my desoldering wick got stuck and my mistake was not heating up the wick enough, and a couple of the tracings got torn off…

Is there anything I can do to repair it or is the motherboard pretty much toast?

I’m sure its fixable. You can always run wires from what’s left of the traces to the individual pins on the HDMI port. Northridge Fix sells pad strips that he uses in many of his trace/pad repair videos which you can gingerly secure in place with a small dab of solder mask near the edge to help keep them from moving when you solder the port on. Looking at the board, there are only 5 pads that use a via closer to the edge of the board, you can always scrape away a little solder mask on the via and solder a wire right to the via if one of those got torn off.