He doesn't want to turn on

I was given a family member a play4 pro told me what water shoots to the console continued to work but the fan was damaged and protected by the high temperature. It takes more than a year to change the fan, but I put it on a few days ago and turned on the blue light a few moments ago, but it didn’t turn on a gain You cant helpme please

Did you test the console before replacing the fan? If not then it was likely water damaged, and the whole motherboard would have to be replaced if you can’t clean it well, and even then its not a 100% chance you can fix it

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Hi, the console was working before changing the fan. I was cleaning the logical card, but I didn’t know what happened that it didn’t work anymore. I spent more than 1 years to be able to replace the fan. I joined it again, but it worked a few moments and I disconnected it from the Light and then it didn’t turn on