Headphone Jack -- Replaced and still not working

Hi All–

So, was only getting sound out of one side of my switch when using headphones.

I replaced the headphone jack/card reader and…still having the same problem! Any thoughts on what it could be?

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Hey, have you tried the headphones in another device or tried another pair of headphones in the Switch to isolate the issue further?

Let us know, then hopefully someone here can dig a little deeper.

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It’s really hard to find replacement game slots that actually work so it’s always possible that the game slot you replaced it with is faulty.

Like @KiloooNL said, you’ll want to make sure the headphones you have aren’t the problem too.

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It’s probably that then. (I…promise I wouldn’t disassemble a whole console and replace its parts if I hadn’t tried a few pairs of headphones first?)


You never know - even the smartest of us make mistakes and forget simple troubleshooting sometimes :wink:

Try a new game slot and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Hey there,
and as @tronicsfix mentioned, buy a bunch of those slots, because properly working ones are rather hard to come by, even if “new”…