Heat gun melting plastic before melting solder

Hi guys, I’m having serious issues with my heat gun skills.
All the time I use it to try and remove a SMD or even an analogue stick, I always melt the plastic before the part I’m trying to remove even budges!
I tried turning the heat down but still getting the same result.
Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


You’ll need to tape off any plastic nearby with heat resistant tape to keep the plastic parts from melting.

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you could also try using an iron and mixing in some leaded solder or even low melt solder on the joints before you try removing the entire component with the heat gun

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@dunc1n First of all you need to cover the plastic component with an aluminum foil, and use flux to the part that you want to heat. I also did like you on my first soldering, melting everything i could, but that’s okay, keep up the hardwork and it will be like natural :wink:.

In my experience, cheap tools can only go so far. Take for example the HDMI IC on the one X. Had to use a BGA station to remove it before. I upgraded to a better heat wand and it comes off no problem. Also, for removing through hole pieces (like a joystick). Best option is to use a desoldering gun assuming you are trying to salvage the part. If that option does not work. The cheaper methods are to use wick or desoldering pumps. Look at it this way, the cheaper the tool, the more work you will have to do. I hope you are not using a pain melting heat gun, if so, get a wand. Maybe your problem, those things are huge and cannot control airflow or heat.